Proverbs 27:17

Iron sharpens iron. Criticize me! (Constructively.) Not necessarily because you see something a problem in me that’s growing out of control, or because some part of me bothers you a lot. You don’t even need to have nailed the right words for it. If there is anything at all vaguely wrong with me, with how I interact with people, with my attitude, just tell me. Tell me and work with me.

I had planned on saying, “If you’d like me to do the same, let me know,” but I realized that I shouldn’t need to have peoples’ explicit permissions before I build them up. The implicit permission is being brother or sister. It’s bound to be more difficult to convey the love in criticism when it’s out of the blue, but I won’t always be given the opportunity on a silver platter. I don’t like the culture of not-treading-on-people’s-toes-until-necessary. I see fear; “it’s hard to criticize lovingly and well, I’m afraid to offend, so I won’t try until the matter becomes urgent.” I’d like to see that changed. It’d be awesome if everybody were always sharpening one another.